Monday, November 19, 2012

Body Language

     The familiar concave line on the side of my thigh is missing.  The toned rise of my perky hamstring has fallen depressed.  It isn't often that I reach this point, because regular exercise is a norm in my life.  But my legs tell me I've been on vacation too long.  So this morning it's back to the gym I go.
     We all have different triggers that motivate us.  I used to let my stomach do the talking, but that changed for two reasons named Sydney and Taylor.  Because of them my belly is no longer a problem area, but just a problem.  So instead of counting on my twin-squishy mid-section to speak to me, I now listen to my legs.
     I'm curious: What body part do you entrust to tell you the harsh truth that you need to get back into the gym?  And when it speaks, do you listen?
     I look forward to the conversation after I've resumed my mission to rock my skinny jeans.



Toni said...

oooh... good question. I think my upper arms. Maybe because we don't have a full-length mirror.

Kristin Myers said...

Hmmm...that would certainly change the body parts I focus on, too! Do you ever miss a full-length mirror? I have visions of me standing on the counter-top for a better view...:)

Lyn said...

i listen to my body but the conversation lasts longer to get results these days!