Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My 10 Favorite Things about My Son, Gabriel

  1. His soul is old and glorious.  He tolerates life with compassion, and seeks the answers that will yield him a greater understanding of how the world works.  He welcomes strangers as though they are friends, and treats friends as though they are family.
  2. Gabriel is sweet and tender with the feelings of others.  The only time he is sad is when he feels the pain of those around him.
  3. He is gracious.  He often thanks me for teaching him how to be a good person, even when the learning process requires tough love.
  4. He is principled.  He understands the difference between right and wrong, and most often applies this knowledge to his decision making.  When he falters, he assumes responsibility for his actions and offers a genuine apology.
  5. Gabe truly cares about other people.  He eagerly engages in conversation that does not center around himself.
  6. He respects his own limitations.  If something makes him uncomfortable, he listens to his inner voice of warning instead of going along with the crowd.
  7. He ensures the happiness of those around him by flexibly adapting to their interests and hobbies.  He is happy as long as they are happy.  
  8. He securely demonstrates affection to those he loves.  He initiates kisses and hugs with his family (even his little sisters) in front of his peers, boldly ignoring those that see this as a weakness.
  9. Gabriel takes great pride in being a role model.  He makes it a point to set good examples for others.  
  10. He is fair; always willing to share the load so that no one person has to carry it alone.


Cass. Just Curious said...

I love this one. He sounds like a joy - well done!

Kristin Myers said...

He is. I wish I could take credit, but he popped out this way. And most of what I just described about him comes straight from his daddy.

memom said...

This is the child who alsways asks me "What's new?" He understands it's more about the person you're with than the person you are! He has been a gift since the day he was born...wrapped up in fabulous paper with a gorgeous bow! He is one of the world's special people